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From custom gown designs to assistance on the day of your wedding, here are some of the services you can expect.

Designer Consultation

All design processes begin with a consultation the lead designer. In your consultation, you will have dedicated facetime with the designer, facilitating a discussion about your specific design needs.

Custom Accessories

Should you need accessories to add to your bridal look, there are a range of bridal accessories, such as veils and bridal belts, available for purchase in studio. We are happy to customize other bridal accessories in studio for an additional fee.

Memorialized Sketch

Do you love the your gown sketch so much that you want to keep it? Purchase a framed memento, so that the memory never dies. Prices starting at $250.

Gown Steaming

This service is available prior to your wedding day (if necessary). Please contact the studio for further information or utilize the booking tool to schedule an appointment.


During the gown construction phase, multiple fittings may be required to ensure your gown fits properly. Fittings are carried out in studio or at an agreed upon location (by special request only).

Day-Of Styling

Need help achieving your pretty on your wedding day? We're more than happy to join you on site as you get dressed, to help troubleshoot any issues (i.e. wardrobe malfunctions) that you may encounter.


Want to meet with the designer? Schedule an appointment to meet with her in studio.

Monday > Friday:

9am - 5pm


10am - 6pm